Dad constructs his very own selfie stick to take pictures of birds in a tree

Dad inventions never cease to amaze.

After one very resourceful father wanted to get a closer look at a bird’s nest in a tree, he did what most dads would do made a selfie stick.

Reddit userQginchronicled their father’s surprisingly successful attempt at constructing a selfie stick out of a car window washer, some crumpled napkins, masking tape and his iPhone 6 plus.

According toQgin, dad would not reveal theselfiestick’s purpose until they wereoutside and he was able to demonstrate.

In true dad fashion, he proudly displayed the finished product (along with an Ant-Man shirt) to pose for a photo op, and then got to work.

Qgin explained that he carefully raised the selfie stick up into a tree and set the timer for 10 seconds.

While the process initially seemed questionable, the results were a success anddad managed to capture some pretty impressive photographs of four baby birds in their nest.

Qgin captioned the last photograph, “As funny as it was, it was still pretty dope. My pops, will never cease to amaze me.”

Way to go, dad.

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