Dad Puts On Chewbacca Mask, Dog Is Absolutely Horrified When He Walks Through The Door

As much as our pet pups love us, I’ve always wondered if somewhere, deep down inside in their dog minds, if they ever wished we were dogs like them. Imagine that! “Man’s best friend” would just be “best friends.”

It seems like this gentleman from Lison, Portugal, wanted to put that theory to the test!

In the video below, shot a month ago, he dons an interactive mask of Chewbacca, the hairy, loveable Wookie ofStar Wars fame. The mask seems to roar at will.

He then walks into his apartment where Uva, his chocolate-brown labrador puppy, lies waiting.

Instantly, Uva flips out at. jumping up and down as he roars.

At first, it seems as though Uva thinks her owner has transformed into a canine himself, and she begins to leap and bark as if to play with another dog.

But as he gets closer, coming at her from different angles with that continues roar, Uva’s starts to get a little worried.

At one point, she leaps away in visible terror!

Finally, he removes the masks and spreads his arms wide, as if to say “I’m here, its me, don’t worry!”

But Uva, being a smart pup, tries to investigate the mask further, wondering how in the heck her owner was a human one second, and a strange, dog-faced creature the next. She tries to bite the mask, as if to say “Hey! Don’t mess with my human again!”

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