Deputies Rescue A Young Bear Trapped Inside A Car

Officers all over the country must get stranger calls than we can possibly imagine. After all, these men and women aren’t just dedicated to saving humans from dangerous situations they’re also ready to save an animal at a moment’s notice! We’re sure that, if you asked any officer, you would hear many weird stories, and this one coming out of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is certainly one for the books.

At first, it seems like a regular call to save an animal stuck in a corner it shouldn’t be in. But the deputies had trouble finding out how a young bear managed to get inside a car, locking himself inside. No windows were broken, and all the doors were closed and locked It seems this baby bear’s methods will forever be a mystery.

What isn’t a mystery is how he got out! The deputies worked hard to find a way to get the bear out that would be safe for everyone at the scene, especially because they suspected that the little one’s mom could be lurking around.

Now, watch the clip to see how the brave deputies got the young cub back to the woods!


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