Dog And Squirrel Play A Hilarious Game Of Tag Around A Tree

Every time I visit my mom’s house, I’m greeted by three very excited pups who bark, jump, and wag their tails to say hello. They calm down after a few minutes, and I, of course, don’t mind the spirited welcome, but I also know they’ll be right back at it again before too long. No one has to arrive, but simply seeing something from their perch by the window will set them off on another storm.

What really gets them in a lather, like many other dogs, is spotting one specificsmall, furry, adorable little creature: the squirrel. Our golden retriever was even worse about chasing them in our backyard each time he spotted one.That wasn’t as bad as the times we’d take him for a walk wearing our Rollerblades, though. There’s just something in most pups’ brains that see a squirrel and instantly sets off an alarm.

The cutie in the video below is a prime example of the critter’s ability to rile canines up. This tiny fella, though, doesn’t simply scurry away from the much larger dog who’s chasing him. Instead, he cleverly turns it into an adorable game! Something tells me it’s not the duo’s first run-in with each other in the backyard.

Zooming around the bark at lightning speed, the poor pooch can never quite catch up to the infuriating ball of fluff. That doesn’t stop him from trying, all while happily wagging his tail! He gives it his all as they spin in circles over and over again.

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