Dog Can Play With Soldier Friends When New Shoes Let Her Feet Touch The Hot Ground

Sometimes we truly don’t realize how lucky we are to have and wear clothes to protect us from the elements.

Sure, we don’t have big furry coats that naturally protect us against wind, or mechanisms that allow us to store food in our bodies while wehibernate. But we layer clothes and scarves and coats as much as we please!

It’s not just the cold that gets to us, but the heat as well.

Sometimes in sweltering conditions we have to protect ourselvesby using sunscreen and parasols or really anything at our disposal. In the most extreme conditions, though, animals suffer.

A dog name Moira finally regained use of her paws when she got the one thing she needed to survive the blistering sands of Iraq: booties!

The pup’s sensitive feet couldn’t touch the burning ground, and she had to walk in the shade as best she could to travel around. But thanks to the little boots, she can hop around and play, just like any other pup.

Watch how happy she is to be able to play with her soldier friends. It must truly bea relief for her.

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