Dog Won’t Trust Anyone Until She Sees Her Puppies

Over 7.6 million animals are surrendered to animal shelters in America each year. It’s a startling statistic to come to terms with, and many don’t understand how dire the situation is for these animals. Many of them are the victims of abuse, but many more are given up by their owners when they are no longer wanted. Sadly, only a small minority eventually go on to find forever homes. This is why it’s so strongly encouraged that everyone looking to add a pet to their family considers adopting rather than buying from a pet store.

The Marin Humane Society in Novato, California recently received two dogs that were extremely frightened of everyone they came into contact with. It was only after some examination that they discovered that the female, thought to be a Chihuahua mix, had recently given birth and was cowering due to being separated from her pups. Refusing to move away from the corner of her room, workers feared for the mental well-being of this mother, and the safety of her pups.

Knowing that the puppies were too young to be separated from their mom, employees managed to track down the previous owner and convince them to surrender the puppies as well. Once they are old enough, the Marin Humane Society plans to find a caring home for each of these puppies and their parents. In the meantime, just look at the reaction of this frightened mother when she is reunited with her puppies.

H/T: Marin Humane Society


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