Dogs Comforted Each Other In A Cruel Meat Farm, Then They Reunite Months After Being Rescued

They say true love can stand the tests oftime, distance, and hardship, and if Sophia and Kenji aren’t proof of that, well, we don’t know what is. Imagine living with your soulmate and raising a family in terrible conditions, and being one another’s only source of comfort amid cruelty, and then being separated for months.

And now imagine going through all of that and not even being able to speak up for yourself because you’re a dog.

Sophia and Kenji were living on a meat farm in South Korea, where dog meat is still eaten, despite a growing and increasingly vocal opposition towards the practice. They had puppies together, and comforted one another in times of need.

Eventually, a dog rescue group called Jindo Love, which specializes in rescuing dogs from the meat trade.A Jindo is a breed of Korean dog, which in the old days was prized for its hunting ability as well as its unending loyalty.

Sophia and Kenji were shipped to the U.S. to be adopted, but it was there that they were separated, and ended up being adopted by different families. Kenji went home with a Massachusetts woman named Lindsay Goldstein, whose family immediately fell in love with the fluffy white pooch.

But Kenji still missed his true love, Sophia.

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When he was rescued from a South Korean dog meat farm, Kenji was brought to the U.S. to start a new life. Thanks to help from Sweet Paws Rescue, he found a new home with Lindsay Goldstein in Massachusetts.

Kenji and his new family immediately fell for each other. “He’s the sweetest dog,” Goldstein says. “He’s so calm and affectionate, and he loves attention and belly rubs. When he’s excited, he lets us know with deep howls.”

However, Kenji wasn’t too keen on hanging out with other dogs. Goldstein had heard about Sophia, and thought maybe his antisocial nature was based on missing her.

She was able to track down the family who had adopted Sophia, and they agreed to arrange a reunion. Of course, they weren’t sure if the dogs would remember one another. It had been months. The last time they were together was back in Korea, and so they weren’t sure what to expect when they brought them together again.

A few months and an ocean’s worth of travel? That didn’t mean anything when Kenji and Sophia were reunited!

“When he saw Sophia, it was obvious they remembered and loved each other,” Goldstein says. “He’s not great with other dogs, but it was clear he loved Sophia!”

The two spent a glorious day playing and cuddling, spending every moment side by side.

That is, unless they were rolling around!

“He had more energy than ever that day and loved running around the yard with her,” Goldstein says.

It was like they’d never been separated at all.

We also know that Jindo Love, the Korean rescue organization, was able to rescue Sophia and Kenji’s puppies from the farm, too, and they’ve also been adopted into happy homes.

Here are three of their babies who were also rescued. Their names are Kismet, Ozzie, and Willow.

And it turned out that Sophia was adopted by a family in neighboring state Connecticut, so she and Kenji can see each other relatively easily. Goldstein is not only in contact with Sophia’s humans, but also the people who adopted their puppies.

Talk about a family reunion!

They say true love can stand up to all kinds of obstacles, even the ones that seem insurmountable. If you ever doubted that, just look to Kenji and Sophia!

And if you want to see some pure joy, watch the video of their playtime below!

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