Dogs Get Their Tan On By Lining Up At The Edge Of The Pool

When it comes to relaxing, these seven dogs know how its done. So much so, I wouldnt mind joining that pup lineup and getting my relaxation vibe on as well.

From the very beginning, this short but hilarious clip is filled with comedic genius. The pup staring blankly into the camera is a perfect intro to the rest of this pool gang.

When the dog with the sunglasses turns around, I really couldnt understand if I had fallen asleep and been dreaming this up because of how picture-perfect this cool group of pups looks. These chilled-out dogs reminded me of these pups thatare having a ball by standing on their hind legs in a swimming pool. Whats up with canines and pools?

They really do seem to be enjoying the water and having a fun time in the sun, and its adorable to watch. I’ve always been more of a beach person myself, but I certainly wouldn’t be able to resist an invitation to a pool filled with these swimmers. In fact, since dogs are such vigilant guards of their owners, they might even be able to do double duty as lifeguards, too!

Have you ever seen dogs do something as funny as this? Tell us in the comments below.

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