E-cig hacked to play Flappy Bird, because why not?

Vaping is more popular than its ever been, and the hardware associated with it has gotten very advanced in a very short period of time. Modern vaping units, called mods, with displays and processors are now powerful enough to customize the entire vaping experience. Oh, and thanks to one inventive modder, you can now play Flappy Bird right on the device.

Balzs Bank developed a firmware replacement for his mod unit that allows the user to play a pint-sized version of Flappy Bird on its built-in OLED screen. The game is played by tapping the button that is typically used to fire up the vape coil, and the screen scrolls automatically just like it does in the original version of the popular game.

The device Bank used is the eVic-VTC Mini, developed by Joyetech. Its one of the more high-tech devices on the market, complete with a PC interface that allows the user to upgrade its built-in software. The installation process is a straightforward affair, requiring a connection to a computer and the publicly available update file.

For anyone interested, the download link is available in the info section of Banks YouTube demonstration.

H/T Kotaku

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