Emotional Moment When He Pulls A Tiny Puppy Out Of A Giant Box When His Future Wife Says Yes

There’s only one thing better than getting to see a young couple take the first steps to spending the rest of their lives together as a married couple: and that’s seeing them make the decision with a tiny puppy in the arms of the future bride!

It took this future husband a lot of work to set up this special proposal, but we think he did a pretty perfect job at getting it all running smoothly. Not only did he choose a beautiful ring, but his future wife actually said yes! And to make matters even more perfect, he had a little reward for her: a tiny baby puppy!

With all of their family and friends cheering them on, the happy couple embraced with their new furry baby puppy. This little dog is going to be there from their engagement day, and might even end up being the ring barer!

Now they just have to worry about finding the right wedding venue, wedding dj, wedding photographer, wedding dress, food, RSVPs, and everything else! But at least now we know they have a puppy to help calm them down when things get rough!

Now that these two lovebirds have a little puppy to take care of, when they’re finally married they might have learned a few things on how to raise a little baby, and soon enough there might be a full house!

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