Father And Son Duo Rescues Pets Abandoned During Flood

Last weekend, several neighborhoods in Brazoria County in Texas were forced to evacuate due to the flooding of the Brazos River.

Although the residents were warned of the flooding days before, some may not have received the message, and others may have hoped their property could withstand the storm. Whatever the reason, many family pets were left behind to fend for themselves.

As the waters crept slowly upward, several Brazoria County residents decided to take it upon themselves to goout and see what they could do to save the abandoned animals.

Thisfather-son duo shared their heroic experience on Reddit for the world to see. The brave animal lovers boarded their motorboat and ventured through the muddy waters to rescue as many pets as they could find.

Some animals were stranded in parked truck beds, while others were waiting patiently for their owners to come home for them.

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After learning that many dogshad been abandoned due to flooding, despite plenty of warning, a man and his son stepped in to rescue the helpless animals.

“This was forecasted a week or so in advance, some situations I can understand,” the rescuer’s son posted on Reddit.

“Not this one.”

Despite how or why these dogs were abandoned, the rescuers braved the flooded streets.

The two menlooked high and low for any signs of life.

Some dogs were found balancing on pieces of floating furniture.

These two pals even managed to stick together through the worst of the flooding!

Some dogs reached higher ground by hopping into the bed of trucks.

Luckily, the rescuers were able to save this poor guy before the truck drifted away!

It’s difficult to say what would have become of these abandoned pets had these men decided to stay indoors.

Instead, they fought the treacherous flood waters and brought over 40 dogs to safety!

The local humane society has set up a temporary shelter for the displaced animals of Brazoria, TX.

Each and every one of these animals will be well cared for until their owners pick them up or they’re adopted to new forever families.

If you would like to assist theSPCA of Brazoria County, please visit their donation page.

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