Finnish Photographer Shoots Foxes, And We Cant Finnish Looking At Them

Remember the Finnish photographer Ossi Saarinen, the guy who captures “angry birds” in real life? It turns out that he also has huge love with wild foxes, and his photos say it all.

Ossi has photographed wild foxes since last summer. In an early morning, when he was just wandering around countryside with his camera, Ossi luckily encountered baby foxes. The cubs noticed his presence, but without any fear, they curiously come close to check out this human with their eye wide opened. He quietly took photos of them, enjoyed watching them playing with each other, and felt the emergence of a special connection to this animal. Since that unforgettable moment, fox has become an endless inspiring topic for his photos.

Ossi’s pictures show foxes as mysterious and charming creatures. The photos make people feel like they are living in beautiful fairytales. While curious fox cubs melt our heart, sleeping foxes behind bushes give us a relaxing feeling, and lonely fox walking in the night makes us thrilled. In these photos, it seems like foxes have more personality than ever. Hopefully, you can enjoy his photos and fall in love more with this subtle but lovely animal.


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