Five Labrador Puppies Wont Stop Giving A Boy Kisses

A bunch of puppies running around are bound to make any dog lover’s day.

I mean, just look at the time lapse video of the golden retriever puppies running to their dinner bowls. It’s almost impossible not to smile.

The video below, shared on Facebook, is another must-see for the dog-obsessed population. (I’m definitely one of those people!)

It features a young boy being smothered by five insanelyadorable Labrador retrievers with tails that won’t stop wagging. It’s clear they just can’t get enough of him, especially the one who keeps trying to lick his face.

But, unlike the boy who was having a field day playing with 16 puppies, the one in the video below seems toneed a break from all the attention. It’s just too much for him to handle.

The young boykeeps trying to stand up to escape their nonstop kisses but the energetic little pups won’t let that happen. It’s hard not to laugh at the way they climb on top of him.

Many Facebook users also couldn’t get over the cuteness, including one who wrote, “This is what dreams are made of.”

Another said, “I want this to be me every day of my life.”

I have to say that I agree with them!

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