Flood Traps Veteran And Dog In Their Home, So His Brother Messages Total Stranger For Help

Ever since Hurricane Matthew passed over southern parts of the United States, people have been focusing on how to save the many still trapped in their homes. While cleanup efforts can wait, the loss of human life increases day by day.

Rescue crews have been cruising through floodwaters, trying to pinpoint the people in need, but it is inevitable that they will not be able to reach everyone.

One man in Texas and his family were absolutely terrified when hisbrother called them saying that he and his dog were trapped inside their flooded house.

Craig Williams tried calling 911 to get his brother help, but emergency workers were overwhelmed with calls. They couldn’t help him or his Marine brother, Chris.

When he went online and checked social media, he saw many tweets about the storm. But one caught his eye: a photo of a flooded neighborhood.

He learnedone of the houses in the photoishis brother’s the one with a window with one shutter.

He quickly contacted the man who posted the photo, which was taken with a drone. Luckily, the stranger responded, and was willing to help! Using the drone, he located FEMA workers in the area and guided them to Chris’ home.

Thankfully, he was rescued in no time and he and his dog Lana were brought to safety.

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