Funny Bird Fits In With Kitten Siblings By Learning Their Language

You’re about to meet a bird who’s having a major identity crisis… and it’s downright hilarious!

All this funny cockatoo wants is to fit in with his feline siblings. While holding a “meeting” on Mom and Dad’s bed, the three cats and one eager cockatoo begin meowing together and the bird is dead-set on getting the meow exactly right.

I love how the cats are so confused by their feathery friends attempts. One second he’s hissing at them, the next he wants to be just like them.

Birds are not only intelligent, but they also happen to be the goofiest animals ever. This is one bird who’s a perfect combination of those two personality traits smart and funny.

Will this cockatoo get the “meow” he’s looking for? Watch the video to find out!

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