Get Excited, Ornithologists: There Are Birds!

If youre an ornithologist who makes a living studying birds, then weve got some incredible news for you! It turns out that there are birds!

Thats right. The mighty toucan! The stupid and beautiful bald eagle! The feeble and rarely eaten peacock! All these birds and more are yes and absolutely. From normal birds to tiny birds so small that they can fit inside your car, they come in all varieties, and theyre just waiting for ornithologists like you to solve all their avian mysteries!

To better demonstrate the extent to which there are birds, please take a look at this list of some of the fabulous locations where birds can be found:

1. Outside
2. Inside
3. Hotels/Volcanoes
4. Elsewhere
5. An area

Wow! It simply cannot be denied that birds are around.

This has got to be heaven for all you ornithologists out there! So go on! Get excited! Wave your arms around in the air! Maybe youll hit a passing bird, of which there are several.

Still not convinced? Well, check out this painting about a bird:


This sketch is based on none other than the real-life popular bird known as Arnolds North Pigeon. If youre an ornithologist who dedicates your life to figuring out what birds are and what their guts are doing, then youve got a lot to be thankful for!

At this point, youre probably wondering, Does a bird happen? To such a question, we can only reply, Yes. A bird happens. You can wager your groin on it. Its just so simple that even an idiot can know it: There are birds.

Faith in humanity restored!

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