Grandmas Cats Keep Pressing Her Stomach, Then Doctors Find The Cancer

If you have cats, you know how silly the little lovebugs can be.

If youre trying to snuggle them, theyll act like youve never met before. But the second you try to to leave the room, theyll follow right on your heels! Theyre sweet, silly, and contradictory creatures.

But next time your cat starts acting like a goof, make sure you pay attention, because it turns out that our feline friends may be far more perceptive than we give them credit for.

Animals have also shown an intriguing ability to detect illness in their people long before a doctor can diagnose it, as we saw with the sweet pup who detected his persons breast cancer early on.

Cats have shown signs of similar abilities, hinting that they may be able to smell or otherwise find cancer cells before their human shows any symptoms.

The latest case coming out of Staffordshire, U.K., certainly seems to bolster this possibility, as a grandmother credits her three cats with discovering a rare cancer overtime.

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Stephanie Doody, a grandmother living in the U.K., might never have gone to doctor if it weren’t for her three beloved cats.

She didn’t feel sick at all, and she wasn’t experiencing any symptoms that would make her worry about cancer, but her cats had recently developed a strange habit.

The trio of felines would follow her around constantly not too unusual but would supplement their routine by constantly nudging and batting at her stomach when she sat down.

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Her cats, named Rennie, Dinky, and Jaffy, proved to be an exceptional early detection test for Doody, because they simply would not leave her alone.

As she explains, “For a while, my cats had been following me around, but thats normal theyre cats and thats what they do.But it got more and more intense, and for months they stayed with me everywhere I went.”

Jaffy, her marmalade tabby, was particularly instrumental in helping her realize that something was amiss.

After a few months of simply trailing her all over the house and nudging her stomach, Jaffy also adopted a new habit; he would sleep on her stomach every single night.

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Finally, after six monthsof nagging from her cats, Doody caughton to what they were so worried about.

She lost a little bit of weight, which allowed her to notice, for the first time, a strange lump on her lower abdomen.

She suspected that this is what her cats had been trying to point out, but she couldn’t find it herself until the weight came off.

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She went straight to the doctors, where the medical staff were as baffled as she was.

With a few tests, they quickly ruled out an ovarian cyst, ovarian cancer, and bowel cancer.

Despite the battery of tests, doctors were still stumped by Doody’s mysterious lump, and suspected that itwas cancer, just not the kind they’d tested for.

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With support from her husband, her stepdaughter, and, of course, her cats, Doody waited with baited breath as doctors attempted to diagnose her mystery cancer.

Since she had no symptoms beyond the lump and the cats’ agitation, it was hard for the medical team to solve the problem.

Finally, they determined that the lump was a rare cancer of the appendix calledpseudomyxoma peritonei.

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Doody’s rare form of cancer is hard to detect, and is often caught too late because it takes time for symptoms to develop.

In most cases, this cancer wouldn’t be caught until it was too late to treat it effectively.

Doody is incredible lucky that her devoted team of feline medical advisers were so persistent in helping her find the lump.

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Thanks to her kitties, Doody was able to go in for surgery and have the affected areas removed.

She had her uterus, gallbladder, cervix, spleen, and a section of bowel removed to treat the cancer, but is very lucky that it hadn’t spread further.

As she explained afterwards, “The surgery was horrendous, and I was in intensive care for a couple of days on morphine, but I would have died without it.”

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She is also certain that her cats are to thank for the life-saving procedure, since they detected the cancer before anyone else.

She chalks it up to their sense of smell, saying, “I absolutely believe the cats knew. The cancer is a molecular change in your body, so you give off a different smell that they pick up on, and they just try to get your attention”

Meanwhile, she’s now doing much better,though she still bears a large scar her grandchildren have taken to calling “Nana’s zipper.”

Most importantly, she’s home once again, with her family and devoted trio of cats by her side!

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