Grandpas Beloved Dog Dies, Then His Family Surprises Him With An Old Pup Who Needs A Home

82-year-old Grandpa John was inconsolable when his English Springer Spaniel, Swift, passed away. His 21-year-old granddaughter, Jodie, knew she had to do something.

John has had eight English Springer Spaniels over the course of his life. Swift died while John was with his wife Shirley in the hospital, where they were both suffering from a blood infection.

“He was with that dog 24 hours a day, seven days a week and was sobbing saying he didn’t want to come home,” Jodie says. “I am so close to my granddad and watching his heart break in front of me I felt useless so I promised I would find him another best mate and I didn’t want to stop until I did.”

At first, many shelters refused to help because of her grandfather’s age. But then when Jodie found Fly, a 10-year-old rescue dog at the English Springer Spaniel Welfare, it was a match.

Fly was severely underweight after being neglected by his previous owner.

During the surprise, which his wife Shirley was also in on, Jodie hands John a photo of Fly that says, “My name’s Fly and if you want to be my new daddy say my name.” John was so overwhelmed that it takes him a few seconds to realize what’s going on.

“He said it was the biggest surprise of his life,” Jodie says.

Now, John and Fly spend their days together. They love taking naps in bed, side-by-side.

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