He Was Excited To Get A Playstation, But Then He Was Viciously Attacked…By A Cat

Christmas morning can be incredibly exciting, even as an adult.

It’s the one time of the year we get treated by our friends and family — or even treat ourselves. When I get something I want that I’m not expecting, I’m overcome with joy. That’s what happened to Andrew Woodard, who let out a scream when he received a Playstation 4. His friend Jessica Freeman was filming the event, and she caught something she wasn’t expecting on film. (Spoiler alert: It’s hilarious.)

A cat in the house jumps out at Woodard and latches on to his head, doing a number on his ear in the process.

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The cat’s attack was so vicious that Woodard needed stitches afterward. He has a sense of humor about it all, making the photo of his injuries his Facebook profile picture.

Freeman and Woodard have defended themselves and the cat against criticism. People have commented on the video saying Woodard shouldn’t have screamed or that the cat must be abused.

Freeman posted a message to Facebook in response.

“DISCLAIMER: The cat lives in a good home. Plenty of pictures of him being spoiled. He’s a jerk. Seriously. This is not the only person he’s attacked. He wasn’t ‘provoked.’ A grown up was acting overly excited as a joke and the cat walked across the room then back. He wasn’t ‘startled.’ You can clearly see him walk up and calmly sit while planning his attack. Also, this is not my cat. No reason for me to lie. He is a jerk. Take your threats somewhere else. You can report me for animal abuse all you want. It’s. Not. Mine. And it’s not abused. A human was attacked here, not a cat. Only in 2016 would people blame a person who didn’t touch an animal for getting attacked by said animal [because] they were excited.”

In pictures from earlier in the day, Woodard is seen hanging out with the cat, whose name is Magneto. They’re getting along just fine!

Woodard even revealed with this picture that the video was a set-up where he was being overly enthusiastic for laughs, but he says the cat attack was all too real. The Facebook video has now been viewed over 85 million times.

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It seems like Woodard has forgiven Magneto for injuring him. Why do you think he was attacked? SHARE this crazy video with the cat lovers in your life!

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