Homeless Humans And Their Dogs Share The Sweetness Of Their Unconditional Love

Dogs have the purest form of love. They love with their whole hearts, unconditionally. Race, gender, social status or sexuality means nothing to them. The only thing that counts is that you love them back.

Pets of the Homelessis a non-profit organization thatcapturedthe beautiful unconditional love between homeless people and their homeless pets, achieved through a wonderfullycrowdsourced photo gallery.These pictures were contributed from far and wide but the same beautyin each picture left me awestruck and inspired.

Image by Samhohobond007
Image by Daragh
Image by Andriy. M
Image by Tony Cole
Image by Gordon Webster
Image by Simon Clarke
Homeless people unfortunately are sometimes all alone. For these folk captured thru film, all they have are their loving pets to keep them company. Usually they put their pets’ needs in front of theirs, often going hungry in the process. Unfortunately, despite their kindness to their homeless pets, they can’t afford a vetand the necessary health treatments some homeless animals are in desperate need of. Pets of the Homeless is on a mission to help animals adopted by the homeless, stay healthy and and living. Please share these photos and help raise awareness of their mission.

You may visit theirwebsite,every little bit helps.


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