I Capture Curious Cats In Mid-Jump

My name is Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek and I create authentic, unvarnished images that get to the heart of the matter. I try to provide an insight into the small worlds people create for themselves – they are self-sufficient microcosms, which serve them as a habitat for like-minded people who indulge in the same passion.

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The saying goes that curiosity killed the cat, but then they also say that cats have nine lives. It is a popular theory amongst catisticians that the often fatal consequences of feline curiosity led cats to decide that nine lives would be much more efficient than one.

This gave them the freedom they so desired, as well as adequate time to sleep in cramped spaces, look bemused, sleep on clean piles of laundry, look apathetic, sleep outside, attack anything that moves, look disapproving and be scared of cucumbers.

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