Kayakers Spot A Sea Turtle Swimming To Them, Realize Hes In Trouble And Asking For Help

Two kayakers were minding their own business on a beautiful sunny morning off the coast of Spain when they noticed a turtle in the water. They didnt think anything of it. Then the turtle got closer, and they knew they needed to help him.

The turtle looks like he knows hes in trouble too because he swims right up to the kayakers’ boat.

When one of them pulls the turtle out of the water, they spring into action. It looks like this poor guy has been in this sticky situation for a while, so time is of the essence to get him out.

After a few flaps of his fins, and a few precious minutes, the turtle is free of his extra cargo.

With a kiss goodbye from his rescuers, the turtle dives deep down into the water, clearly happy to be tugging nothingbut himself again!

This rescue wasnt as much of an effort as the one in Surf City, NC, where a 250-pound turtle was rescued, but this one still matters.

And its a great reminder that we need to help every single animal no matter the size, like this fisherman did for another turtle.

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