Labrador Puppy Hugs Recovering Cheetah Cub As He Helps Nurse Him Back To Health

No creature is exempt from needing someone when they’re sick. Not even a tiny little cheetah cub named Emmet.

Emmet was born at The Wilds in Ohio, and he soon caught pneumonia. He had to be hand-raised by staff there, and closely watched after as he made his recovery from this very unpleasant sickness.

Once he was healthy enough to be moved to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, he hadn’t known the contact of other animals, as his first weeks were spent in the veterinarian’s office. Emmet only knew the touch of caring humans.

When he arrived at his new home, though, he ran into another baby that didn’t look quite like him, but he was also fury, about the same size, and very friendly.

Cullen the labrador puppy quickly became Emmet’s very best friend. As he got his energy back after his scary sickness, he needed another animal to help him socialize, and become a confident member of his new home.

The two are essentially inseparable, and Emmet has become quite the outgoing little cheetah.

What a wonderful thing to see two animals who are so different help each other out like this. Who knows what Emmet’s transition would have beenlike had these two not found each other’s friendship? Thank goodness for all the good folks that nursed this little cheetah back to health after he was born as well.

Hopefully, these two get the opportunity to grow up side-by-side, so that they can continue to bring each other comfort and happiness.

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