Lily The Therapy Dog Provides Much-Needed Comfort To Rape Survivors

During times of tragedy, comfort and relief can be hard to find.

But more and more people are beginning to realize how useful therapy dogs can be at calming people’s nerves during moments of extreme stress.

Therapy dogs have even been called into action after violent incidents and natural disasters, they also stop by hospitals to cheer up patients.

Since they areinnately friendly and offer no judgement or opinions, dogs are easy to confide in, and can always put a smile on your face.

This is why therapy dogs can also be an amazing resource for counselors to put patients at ease and help them to open up.

Lily, the adorable goldenretriever therapy dog does just this, sitting in on sessions at theRape Crisis Center of Milford, Inc.

With her sweet, clam demeanor, she is there to make sexual assault victims feel safe and happy, helping them heal in the long run.

Check below to learn more about Lily and her imporatnt role at the center.

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Rape Crisis Center of Milford Inc,serving people in Ansonia, Derby, Milford, Orange, Seymour, Shelton and West Haven,is an incredible resource for sexual assault prevention.

They offer many different services for assault victims, including counseling, referral programs, and a free confidential 24-hour crisis hotline.

They offer plenty of programs like personal safety and healthy relationship courses, that aim to educate people and put an end to sexual assault.

They have also put on fun events that bring awareness to assault education, includingWalk A Mile In Her Shoes 2016, which encouraged everyone to come out and walk wearing women’s shoes (even the men).

And, just recently, they introduced a newfurry, friendlyresource to the center.

Lily the golden retriever is a therapy dog who is available to sexual assault survivors during counseling sessions.

Director of victim servicesPeggy Pisano is Lily’s handler and definitely thinks that the friendly therapy dog will be an important addition to the sessions.

Its very hard to talk to a person because a person talks back, she explained to the Huffington Post.

Lilys just totally nonjudgmental no matter what youre saying. Shes just happy to be present.

Clients can snuggle, pet, or brush the loving pooch, which can help them open up and make them feel more at ease.

But if anyone is afraid of dogs, they are more than welcome to have a session sans Lily.

Though she’s only been at the center for a few weeks, she has already provided so much care, comfort, and cuddles.

And the benefits go both ways; Lily is also enjoying getting to meet so many new friends.

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