Little Blue Bird Tries To Nap On A Remote

Seeing cute videos of tiny birds makes me want to have a bird as a pet again.

My first pet was a bird named Rusty. He was passed down to me from my uncle, and while I loved it… My mom wasn’t too fond of how loud he was or how often he got out of his cage… Oops!

Birds are an up and coming pet though, if you ask me. That burly guy that rescued an abandoned bird and became best friend dancing buddies with it? Talk about a trendsetter…

This bird did his little dance all on his own. I could not stop laughing when I saw him hopping, rolling, and dancing around in pure bliss when he found a paper towel!

The simplest things in life always amaze these little guys.

This tiny little blue bird is another one that might catch people’s eye.

He kind of reminds me of myself after a long day at work. It seems he has a more tiring life than most birds, that’s for sure!

As he walks up to this remote, hestarts to lean on it to relax, and I thought we were going to watch him enjoy a nap or tweetin a dream, but his human clearly had another idea for this video.


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