Little River Dolphin Is Set Free After Getting Stranded In The Shallows

When an Indus River dolphin a small, freshwater dolphin native to the Indus River in Pakistan found herself stuck in some shallows, things did not look good.

Stranded there, she would be unable to find food, avoid predators, or be protected from the sun. It was especially perilous considering the Indus River dolphin, known locally as abhulan, is an endangered species, with only about 1,200 remaining in the wild. So her survival could make a huge difference to this fragile population.

Luckily, she wasn’t all alone. Even though she didn’t realize it, she had human friends coming to help her.

Just like the community that came together to rescue a pod of pilot whales in Indonesia, local fishermen, assisted by WWF-Pakistanand the Sindh Wildlife Departmentcame to her rescue and not a moment too soon.

She’s not the first dolphin WWF-Pakistan has rescued. Many dolphins become stranded in the shallower parts of the river, or run into human activity and become injured.

Check out this sweet little dolphin’s rescue below!

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Indus River dolphins, orbhulans, are an endangered species native to Pakistan’s Indus River.

Their populations have been decimated by pollution, construction, and other human activities, and today, there are only an estimated 1,200 in the wild.

So when one got trapped in some shallows, environmental workers knew she had to be saved.

WWF-Pakistan, with the help of local wildlife authorities and fishermen, came together to get her out of her peril.

She was personally escorted to a special soundproof ambulance, so as not to freak her out even more with any noise, and drove her further upriver, where the water was deeper and safer.

They gently lowered her into the river, and she was very excited to get back into the water.

In fact, this dolphin had been swimming around in the Indus’ shallower waters since the beginning of June, and WWF-Pakistan had been keeping an eye on her just in case something like this happened.

Their vigilance was why they were able to respond so quickly and save her life.

When she got her bearings and was off, the rescuers broke into applause.

Since 1992, WWF-Pakistan has rescued 119 river dolphins, and has worked with communities to provide education on keeping these animals safe. Their programs have led to a decrease in dolphin deaths in recent years.

Check out the video below to see the dolphin’s release!

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