Lonely Dog Follows Strangers Home Every Day, Then Woman Finally Lures Him Into Her Car

A dog’s soul can determine his or her destiny. In Blue’s case, her spirit led her to a new life.

Notable dog rescuer, Valia Orfanidou, was driving bythe beach with her pets when she spotted a white and light brown patched stray, gliding alongside her vehicle.

Every time Valia returned to the beach, she would see the well-tempered dog.

She was homeless andseemed happy, yet latently unsatisfied and alone. While some abandoned dogs would hide in fear, she would walk right up to humans, hoping they would give her some kind of attention.

The dog’s yearning for love hit Valia hard and she decided that it was time to provide her with all of the attention in the world.

Val took in the stray and named her Blue, a reference to the calm shore where she was found. Blue was kind, quiet, and relaxed, which made it so easy for her to get adopted by a family in Poland shortly after she was rescued from the beach. She joined the family’s pack of 8 other rescue dogs to begin her new life, full of warm company.

Blue had a certain quality about her that caused Valia to believe that she was meant to serve abigger purpose than just beingthe family pet. Blue’s kindness made her a great therapy dog candidate. She could help humans with disabilities and conditions live in comfort.

According to the video posted on November 22nd, 2016, Blue will begin dabbling into the service dog industry to see if it is right for her.

Maybe Blue will put her rare personality to good, widespread use.

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