Lost Dalmatian Puppy Follows Fire Engine All The Way Back To The Station

Firefighters do so much to help both humans and their four-legged companions.

While fighting fires or aiding people through other natural disasters, they also make sure that animals get the care they need.

These days, stations even have special equipment that are specifically shaped for cats and dogs, like this crew that saved these 2-day old puppies.

But theHillsborough County Fire Rescue in Tampa Florida recently ended up saving an animal’s life without even having to suit up and jump into action.

After heading home in their engine, they discovered that a cute Dalmatian puppy had followed them all the way back to the station.

Without any identification or chip, it looked like there was no way to identify who the dog used to belong to.

But the clever crew took to Facebook, to advertise their adorable temporary pet and try to find his rightful owners.

Check below to learn more about this sweet story we promise it has a happy ending!

[H/T: Good Morning America]

Hillsborough County Fire Rescue in Tampa Florida knows a thing or two about saving animals’ lives.

On the job, they help both people and fuzzy animals, whose lives could be in danger.

But recently, they ended up saving a dog without having to spring into action.

A lost Dalmatian puppy actually followed their engine home, and ended up becoming a temporary memberof the station.

“He was a very well-mannered, well-trained dog,” explainedCorey Dierdorff to Good Morning America. “So we knew right away that it was somebody’s dog.”

Although the sweet doggie had a home at some point, he wasn’t chipped so it would betough tracking down his rightful owners.

So, while taking care of him and making him an honorary pet in the mean time, they advertised his whereabouts with a video on Facebook.

The post reached over 35,000 views and several firefighters even expressed interest in adoption if no one came claimed him.

But fortunately, his rightful owners finally stopped by after seeing the post.

They said that the puppy’s name was Chico and that he had been missing for about a day before he had followed the fire engine.

Thanks so the kind fire station staff, the sweet dog was saved and able to return home.

“We are all so happy for a happy ending to this story! they posted on Facebook.

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