Mama Pit Bull Separated From Her Newborn Puppies Leads Rescuers On Desperate Search

Pit bulls often get a bad reputation, but like almost anyone or anything, they are only bad if they are raised to be that way.

Many times, you’ll find that a pit bull can be very docile and gentle if they’re given the chance to show off their genuine personality.

On Pit Bulls & Parolees, the disadvantaged breed gets a second chance at redemption, along withparoled felons who want to rehabilitate their lives by working with the dogs.

In an episode, Marcel and Mariah are working with a pit bull who clearly gave birth recently, as her body is full of milk. The pit bull was picked up by animal control, but when they realized she was a mother, they worked fast to help her find her babies.

Taking her back to where she was found, Marcel and Mariah asked around about the pit bull to try and determine where the best place to look would be.

But this mama didn’t need that help: she was quick to lead them on her desperate search for her puppies. She ran through backyards until she found the house where she’d left them, quickly running under the home’s foundation.

You can see how a mother’s instinct truly kicks in by watching the video below!

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