Man Is Competing In American Ninja Warrior To Raise Awareness For Shelter Dogs

Have you done anythingrecently to help a shelter dog? Maybe you’ve shared a pup’s story on Facebook, like Freya, the U.K.’s “Loneliest Dog” who is now moving to Hollywood. That’s great, keep sharing those stories to raise awareness! We can all use these feel-good stories in our newsfeeds.

Andrew “Roo” Yuri, better known as K9 Ninja, is taking his methods for raising awareness a step further. Or maybe step isn’t the right word, he’s definitely leaping. Roo competes in Ninja Warrior competitions to bring attention to all the dogs who are in shelters and need our help.

Roo was most recently on American Ninja Warrior in Indianapolis, at the qualifying event. While there, Roo wore an “Adopt A Dog” shirt, as well as all his supporters in the audience. He even had a doggy ninja sidekick, Angus, cheering for him from the sidelines. It’s easy to root for someone like Roo when he races for such a great cause!

Watch the video below to see Roo give an impassioned speech on why he competes. I totally agree with him on why it’s important to adopt dogs from shelters. You can also see his run on American Ninja Warrior below that! Have you adopted and/or rescued any dogs to make them a part of your family?

Thumbnail from Facebook/K9 Ninja

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Andrew “Roo” Yori at the Indianapolis Qualifier – ‘American Ninja Warrior’ 2016

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