Man Thinks Puppy Is Dead In The Middle Of The Road Until He Sees Her Blink After A Prayer

David Loop was just having a normal day when he saw something strange lying lifeless in the middle of the road. After he drove past it, he realized that it was a small white dog.

He thought that she was dead, but he still made a U-turn so that he could take her to the side of the road, to at least pay her that respect.

He lifted her up and placed her on the ground, and said a little prayer over her innocent soul. While he was standing up to go back to his car, he saw something he absolutely did not expect.The poor little dog blinked at him.

He quickly went back to his car for some blankets, and carefully swaddled the creature, who was clearly in immense pain.

He couldnt leave her there The least he could do was to put this poor, half-dead creature out of her intense misery.

When he made it to his vet, he got some news that he alsodid not expect. The odds were small, but there was a chance that she would make it out of this horror story alive. Loop rushed the pooch, who hes calling Miracle, to another vet nearby that would be able to give her 24-hour care.

Once she was there, she was put under constant supervision and hooked up to fluids. She entered a coma-like state and would remain that way for about 2 days. David prayed, and asked the Lord whether or not he should put this poor baby out of her constant pain, or if she was going to get better. He said a prayer for her at church on Sunday.

But then, he went to go visit her that afternoon.

She was awake and alert. She improved so much overnight, and while she still had a long road ahead, a dim light at the end of that lengthy tunnel finally shone in the distance.

She needed multiple surgeries on her broken femur and pelvis, and the veterinarians were finally able to mend those bones after she was healthy enough to stay alert on her own. After these surgeries, Miracle went home with Loop.

While Loop was happy to take her home, he also feared that something would go terribly wrong.

Unfortunately, his worries came true. The pooch stopped eating, had terrible diarrhea, and her gums had turned white. She was rushed back to the pet hospital, where they had to monitor her for a few more days.

These days, Miracle lives an active and healthy life with the man that saved her. The transformation from the first day he found her totoday is truly incredible.

Thank goodness for this mans kindness, and for this puppys will to fight for her life.

Just look at that smile! Its hard to imagine that not too long ago, this pup was inches from death, was blind, and was hardly breathing.

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