Maniac Tapes Turtle To Helium Balloons, But It May Be The Best Thing To Ever Happened To Him

When staff at the Humane Society in San Diego saw this, they said it was one of the cruelest “pranks” they had ever seen. The owners, adults, mind you, of a turtle taped him to a bunch of helium balloons and released them into the air. The balloons, luckily, were caught in a eucalpytus tree.

A Good Samaritan notified firefighters, who were about to rescue the poor little fellowwhen a gust of wind blew the balloons down: the turtle, lucky again, landed gently. The reptile, now named Thomas, is now in the care of Alice Berg, an educational program instructor at Mission Trails Regional Park.

“This one just seems like it was a terrible, cruel prank,” Gary Weitzman from the Humane Society told10News.

But the good news is that had his cruel owners not done the unthinkable act, Thomas wouldn’t be off to start his incredible new life. The creature will be touring schools with Berg to teach childrennot to abuse animals.

Thomas will get to share his courageous story to stop it from happening to other animals, big and small.

“I thought this would be a great story to tell children,” Berg said. “He’s going to be going out with me to schools and spreading the message of his story and not to abuse animals.”

Weitzman believes Thomas’ journey is more like a fairy tale than a tragedy, an uphill battle with a beautiful ending.

“The real fairy tale ending to this story for the turtle is that he’s going somewhere where he’s going to actually help educate kids in the proper and humane treatment of animals. That’s just poetic to me,” he says.


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