Mans Loyal Dogs Leap Into Ambulance, Refuse To Leave His Side As Hes Rushed To The ER

Any dog owner will tell you that the love and loyalty of your pup can be tested and tried by any condition and still remain intact.

Dogs are known to have put their human friends’ safety first, staying by their side through injury and extreme weather, for example. We care for and love them as if they were brothers, sisters, or even our children. They return that love by showing us endless amounts of affection!

One man in Chimbote, Peru, must know just how loyal his two adorable pooches are. Despite the circumstances, he’s an extremely lucky man: he knows that anything can happen, and they will stay by his side.

The man fell and hit his head on the ground, resulting in a ghastly, bloody injury. He was rushed to the hospital.

But as total strangers took the man away, his dogs refused to leave his side. They stayed with him, tails wagging.

They even hopped into the ambulanceand trotted into the emergency room, trying to lick his face. They may have been a bit of a nuisance to the paramedics trying to keep the man stable, but the footage of their dedication to their human is touching hearts everywhere.

Do you think your pup would stay by your side in such a situation? Let us know in the comments!

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