Massive Black Bear Swims Beside Brave Kayaker

Mother Nature offers pristine views for kayakers on Hemlock Lake in New York, yet one young man got more of a view than he bargained for when a massive black bear swam right past his kayak!

“I couldn’t believe the size of it,” Matthew Garrity of Brighton told the Democrat andChronicle.

In an unexpected surprise of a lifetime, the Rochester resident was kayaking with his pals for three and a half hours when they decided to take a break and relax.

He noticed there was something swimming across the lake, but he couldnt identify it. So curiosity took over and he paddled to the middle of the lake thats when he saw the huge black bear swimming across the lake!

Garrity managed to capture a video of his close encounter before he carefully had to back-pedal to safety. In the video (posted on Facebook), you can hear the gasping and grunting and heavy breathing of this incredible beast as he swims just a couple feet away from the kayak.

Weve seen some incredible black bear encounters from the family of black bears that stopped traffic to run to the mountain to the playful encounter of abig black bear that loves to splash around with toys in his tub.

It turns out that like humans, the wildlife also thoroughly enjoys the views and taking a dip in Hemlock Lake! Garrity was very lucky to come out unscathed by his massive black bear encounter. Check out the video, which is pretty scary yet exciting!

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