Massive Polar Bear Plops Down Next To Small Dog, Then Reaches Out A Claw To Pet Him

There is something inherentlycomforting about petting a dog.

I’d like to think they have some special chemical in their fur that makes it impossible to not feel happier when you’re with them.

There are actually many health benefits toaowning a dog! Just from petting them, you can actually reduce your blood pressure. So, it’s not just a coincidenceyou feel better when you’re with your dog. It’s science!

But humans aren’t the only ones who can appreciate the wonderful feelings that come from being around a dog.

Many other species interact with dogs. Cats tend to have the most direct interaction with dogs, are they’re both common house pets.

It’s easy to say cats and dogs aren’t always the biggest fans of each other, but they can easily work out their differences. An unexpected fan of dogs I’d never heard of is apparently the polar bear!

In the video below, this giant polar bear sits down next to a dog. It’s unclear if they know each other, but what is obvious is this bear adores the little dog! He starts petting the dog and it’s just the cutest thing.

If you love seeing see animals interacting in unexpected ways, you will adore these 2 excited polar bears jumping up and down while playing hide and seek with a zoo visitor!

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