Mattress Company Makes Bunk Beds for People and Their Pets

Pet ownership for some people is like having kids.

They shower their animals with extraordinary love and often even allow them to sleep with them. But for many owners, even though they love their pets to death, having a dog in your bed who has been running around outdoors all day long is simply not an option!

Enter the mattress bunk bed. This was designed by Colcho Inteligente Posturals and it allows owners and their animals to essentially share the same bed!

Basically it is a removable box that also functions as a pet bed, which in fact can be custom made to fit your pet. It can indeed be removed and cleaned using simply a damp cloth. You can also customize it with a curtain which is also removable.

It was 2013 when CEO Filipe Machado Guterson made the first pet bed as a client wanted to be able to sleep with their dog, but didnt want the dog in their bed. The custom pet-bed-mattress was then created!

It’s a pretty ingenious idea as most dogs and cats like going under the bed anyway. So making it comfortable for them, while placing them in close proximity to their owner during bedtime (yet not on the same sheets) is a win-win situation.

The company in in Brazil and Argentina. But, they will start operating in the U.S. very soon!

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[h/t ABC News]

All images courtesy of Colcho Inteligente Posturals Facebook page

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