Microsoft’s New Tool Identifies What Dog Breed You Look Like

For a bit of fun, Microsoft hasdeveloped an application thatidentifies which dog breed a human face looks most like:

Simply upload a photograph of your face to the site and it will deliver you a response making an informed guess on what kind of dog you or your friends might be. And dont worry, they’veexplicitly saidthey dont keep anybodys photos.

To go with the desktop version, theres also a free mobile app called Fetch!

The programcomes from the same UK-based team thatcreated other facial recognition apps such as,, and Mimicker Alarm.

In a statement, Mitch Goldberg, a development director at Microsoft Research, said, There was an interest in creating a framework that would allow you to take a domain in our case, dogs and recognize numerous classes, such as breeds. We were interested in enabling an app to allow you to make object recognition extraordinary, fun and surprising.

Give the app a whirl right here. And don’t be too upset with the results it identified our pug as a Staffordshire Bull Terrier:

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