Miserable Dog Acting Strange For Months. Then, Doctor Finds Huge Bladder Stones Stuck Inside

When Caramel the golden mix came in for her check up, she was by far the most miserable looking dogs that the veterinarian had ever met.

The poor dog seemed to be in this huge amount of pain for months and months, but it wasn’t until she was brought into the loving hands of the good people at Big Fluffy Dog Rescue that she was finally given the chance that all animals deserve in life.

This beautiful dog seemed to be in so much pain that she honestly hated her own life, but it wasn’t until the doctors saw the x-ray that they were truly shocked at what they saw. Two huge bladder stones, some of the biggest they’d ever seen, and when you see one of these huge stones in the hands of one of the vets you’ll see just how shocking it really was!

These kinds of bladder stones don’t occur overnight, so it’s concerning why Caramel’s previous owners didn’t get this checked out sooner, but we have to give them the benefit of the doubt, and just be incredibly thankful that this beautiful dog is now happy, healthy, and searching for a new forever home where she can live the life she deserves to have!

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Please check out her beautiful face below, and let us know if you would love to welcome her into your own home!

The amazing team of people at “Big Fluffy Dog Rescue” do whatever it takes to save as many dogs in need as possible and relocate them to forever homes where they can be treated with love and respect.

So when a beautiful golden mix came into their offices, it was quite clear that this dog needed some real help real fast.

The vets noticed how she seemed to be utterly miserable; almost as if she was hoping to die simply because the pain was so horrifically bad.

And when the rescue team looked at the X-rays, it became obvious what the problem was: bladder stones. Two gigantic ones.

This dog needed emergency surgery as quickly as possible. She had been going through this horrible pain for months, and it was about time to save her body and her soul!

Usually, bladder stones are pretty small. Passing them is no easy job, and usually they either have to be pulverized or taken out via surgery, but when the surgery for little Caramel was over and done with, the whole team was utterly speechless at what they were looking at.

Huge. Simply huge. Over 4 inches in length. The good people at “Big Fluffy Dog Rescue,” were understandably mad at Caramel’s previous owners, but they were more happy to have been given the chance to heal such a beautiful little dog and begin their search for a new forever home.

While it’s heartbreaking to know that she had to go through so much pain in life, it’s so amazing to realize that she’s doing so much better these days thanks to a team of some real great people!

If you look at the television these days, it seems like there’s nothing but bad news out there in the world, but after learning about rescue stories like these, it’s so heartwarming to know that the good will always outweigh the bad!

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