Mom Captures Adorable Moment Between Bulldog Puppy And Baby Human

There’s something special about the friendship between a baby human and a little puppy dog. Maybe it’s because they’re both so new to this big planet, or maybe it’s because they’re both so innocent and pure; whatever the reason is, all that really matters is the result. And the result is absolute adorable videos like the one below!

It was a beautifully peaceful weekend afternoon when Mom came across this adorable sight. It seems like her little boy and his best friend in the whole world had both gotten themselves comfortable in the baby human’s little swing. These two best friends truly love each other, and when you look closely at their faces throughout the video, you’ll see just how much they enjoy each other’s company.

Mom asks her babies if they love each other, and while neither the baby nor the dog is able to answer just yet, something tells us we know exactly what the answer would be! These two are already the best of friends, and something tells us as they both get a little older they’re going to become even closer than they are today. This little boy has a best friend that he will cherish for the rest of his life.

Thank goodness Mom thought to film this beautiful moment, the whole family will surely cherish these two for generations to come!


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