Mom Hears Strange Noises In The Bathroom, Finds Her Toddler Throwing Dog Food Into The Toilet

Toddlers are well known for their silly personalities. Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, these young humans will figure out hilarious new ways to get into new messes and sticky situations.

So when one mom was enjoying a low-key morning, she heard something strange coming from inside her bathroom.When she opened the door and looked inside, shecertainly wasnotexpecting to see her little baby boy staring into the toilet!

When she saw what was happening, she knew she had to catch the hilarious moment on film and instantly pulled out her camera. Her little boy named Blake was peering into the toilet because he had emptied a whole big bag of dog treats right into it.

Soaked and ruined, mom honestly couldn’t believe what she was seeing. The precocious boy did his best to hide his guilt by slowly closing the toilet lid, just so he could hide the evidence from his mother!

The family dog eventually shows up to “clean up” the mess. But it seems too late at that point, butMom doesn’t much feel like cleaning up the mess. That’s something for dad to figure out!

While Blake wasted quite a few dollars by throwing away so many dog treats, you have to admit it would be hard to stay angry at a little face like that!

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