Mom Shares Bittersweet Photos Of Family Dog To Encourage The Use Of Leashes

As responsible pet owners know,wetry to do everything possible to make sure our critters are happy, healthy, and well loved. Any sign of illness or strange behavior sends us into full-on worry mode until we figure out what’s causing the problem.

We also take all the necessary precautions while out in public, not just for their own well-being but for those around us. Unfortunately for the family of the sweet girl below, there are other, less attentive owners out there whoput the rest of us in danger with their carelessness.

New Zealand-based Imgur user who goes by “lillidrew” recently posted these sweet photos of her pup, Hollie, explaining how the poor thing was attacked while on a walk with her dad by three much bigger, and much more aggressive, dogs who were not being held by a leash.

Her hope is that the sad story will encourage more owners to be mindful of their animals and use leashes when need be.

Warning: The last photo contains mildly graphic images of Hollie’s wounds following her visit to the vet.

The gorgeous girl is named Hollie and she will be turning 5-years-old next month.

The morning of the attack, Hollie was enjoying a beach walk withlillidrew’s dad. He had her on a leash, but the owner of the three charging towardher did not.

Lillidrew adopted Hollie shortly after giving birth to her daughter, and the two have spent the years growing up together as best friends.

Sheis grateful her father was finally able to keep the other dogs, who were trained to be aggressive as pig hunters, at bay before they could take her daughter’s “furry goofball of a sister” from them.

The otherowner claimed to have never seen his animals act so violently to another dog prior to this upsetting event. He agreed to pay for the vet bills, although quite reluctantly.

Hollie was rushed to the vet where she was given surgery to repair the muscle damage and was forced to stay overnight for continued observation. Now that she’s home, lillidrew updated her story to say Hollie is “fairly happily doped up, but hates her cone of shame.”

She also understands there are obviously times when allowing your animal to roam free is completely fine and harmless, but after almost losing this precious face, I can’t blame her for pleading with others to be more careful.

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