Mountain Lion Leaves Suburban Family Shocked Right In Front Their Home

Kathy Inman took a peek out of her front window one day, when suddenly she saw an odd looking creature completely lounging out on her porch! When she tapped on the glass, the animal lifted its head and turned her way. Kathy freaked out as now she knew exactly what kind of animal it was!

Utah resident Kathy Inman took a peek out her window and saw something unusual.

Could it be a stray dog, a big feral cat?

Once she tapped on the glass she realized it was neither.

She was shocked to see it a huge mountain lion was looking at her!

Did the mountain lion proceed to take off? Nope. It just ignored her tapping and resumed its napping. Kathy couldnt believe it.

She called the authorities to tell them that there was not only a wandering mountain lion in the area, but it was perched on her porch!

Rhett Riding, Inmans neighbor, heard about the mountain lion and documented the scene.

There wasnt really a whole lot to see though.

The big cat simply dozed off for hours on the porch, as the amused neighborhood looked on. Most everyone stepped outside to catch a glimpse of the peculiar cat.

Animal control officers showed up and brought with them a tranquilizer gun.

The aimed at the lazy cat, and then…

She finally awoke and ran off, leading animal control on a chase through the neighborhood! It turned into an hour long chase!

They had fired the tranquilizer and the effects, finally, kicked in. The cat was tired and resumed its nap once again.

The following morning the officers were able to bring her to an open area, far from the suburbs, to be let free.

The big cat happily exited and roamed off into the wild!

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