Mum Thinks Family Cat Has Died, Things Escalate Quickly

I’ve never had an actual pet with real fur or anything but I imagine if I did and it died, I wouldn’t be happy about it. I’d even go as far as say I’d be upset, possibly cut up.

With that in mind, say I had a Jack Russell and I saw a white animal lying dead on a road, I’d definitely double check to see if it was mine…

That seems obvious when you think about it, doesn’t it? Apparently not because, reading this group chat between a father and his two children regarding their mother’s emotional state when their cat, Kitty, died, you realise thatmixing up dead pets isapparently an easy mistake to make…

Well at least it’s sort of a happy ending? Except for the guy whose rabbit vanished and ended up dead and crushed beyond recognition… that bit’s not happy. Not even a bit.

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Cats are pets. Dogs are also pets. War Dogs is a film. Here’s Adam playing two truths and a lie withJonah Hill in a War Dogs press junket…

Image Credits: Imgur


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