Name These Birds! National Arboretum Asks For Help Naming Eaglets

They may be D.C.’s most famous — and arguably cutest — newborns, but a little more than a week after two bald eagles hatched they still don’t have names.

Now the National Arboretum is asking for the public’s help to change that.

A social media campaign is underway to name the two eaglets, temporarily named “DC2” and “DC3,” using the hashtags #namethenestlings and #dceaglecam.

Wildlife officials say they’ll be looking for “creative and symbolic” names that are gender neutral as the eaglets’ sex is not yet known.

All lined up for dinner! Mom and Dad both making sure DC2 and DC3 have plenty of food. Thanks to Donald Fry for sharing this photo from today. See all the action at

Posted by American Eagle Foundation on Monday, March 28, 2016

Many submissions have therefore focused on the birds’ patriotic upbringing. The siblings were not only born within the nation’s capital but to parents named Mr. President and The First Lady.

Two popular name combinations pitched so far have been Liberty and Justice and Stars and Stripes. Then, thanks to Internet users’ recently naming a British research vessel “Boaty McBoatface,” there are also tons of “Mc” names being thrown about — including Birdy McBirdface, Eagle McEagleface and the only slightly more original, Baldly McBaldhead.

Officials say they’ll announce their name selections on April 26.

In the meantime, eagle lovers can watch the two youngsters grow up through a live webcam that can be viewed at

See more creative name submissions below:

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