Nocturnal Animals review Tom Ford’s deliciously toxic tale of revenge

Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams star in the gripping story of a broken-hearted ex-husband who wreaks vengeance decades later with his unpublished novel

Nocturnal Animals delivers a double shot of horror and Nabokovian despair: its excessive, outrageous, a story within a story about the super-rich and super-poor. Director Tom Ford has adapted Austin Wrights 1993 novel Tony and Susan, magnifying its cruelties and ironies, and bringing to it a sheen of hardcore porn and pure provocation.

This movie had its premiere at Venice earlier this year, and it was every bit as horribly gripping and intimately upsetting this second time around. But now I was struck by its emphasis on the writers brooding, solitary life: the writer for whom autobiographical fiction is therapy and revenge. Watching this film, I found myself wondering how Evelyn Waughs first wife felt when she received her copy of A Handful of Dust, and realised exactly how the author felt about her.


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