Normal-Looking Twin Cats Have The Most Stunningly Colorful Eyes

There is something abouteyes that is totally fascinating, especially if they are bright, beautiful, and intriguing hues.

Individuals or animals with striking eyes draw you in and make it so you can’t help but stare.

One of the most beautiful opticanomalies areheterochromatic eyes, or eyes that have two or more different pigments.

This rare genetic happening only occurs in a very small percentage of humans and animals, like this amazing rescued koala.

So what are the odds that two siblings would be born with the same amazing eye effect?

Fortunately, for photography fans everywhere, this has occurred with two beautiful cats!

SistersIriss and Abyss were born with the same beautiful eyes, and the internet is definitely benefiting from their shared beauty.

Check down below to see more photos of the picture-perfect cats, weguarantee you won’t be able to stop scrolling.

[H/T: Bored Panda]

Iriss and Abyss are identical twin cats that have one special trait in common.

Being completely identical, the cats both haveheterochromatic eyes.

Heterochromatic eyes are eyes that are twoseparate colors, and less than one percent of the population, human and animal, have this trait.

But these beauties both have them, flaunting one bright blue eye and one breathtaking hazel eye.

Their interesting irises make the cats even more beautiful than they already are the photos prove that the camera loves them!

Being that they are so photo friendly, the cats have garnered a lot of attention on Instagram as the sis.twins.

Whatever they do, they seem to do in unison, creating the awesome illusion that they are a perfect pair.

We can’t wait to see more photos of the amazing cats and their totally hypnotic eyes as they continue to dazzle the internet with their identical good looks.

If you think these unique beauties deserve to be seen by all,

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