Officers Save Puppy Who Was Trapped In A Drain

Puppies have a knack for getting themselves into lots of trouble.They have a natural desire to seek out adventure, and their tiny bodies and boundless energy often get them into some interesting situations.

This was exactly the case for an adorable little puppy found in St. Lucie, Florida. Deputies from the St. Lucie County Sherriff’s Officewere serving civil process paperwork to a home in Fort Pierce when they heard something strange.

The officers could hear a little whimpering noise. It sounded like an animal, but upon first glance they couldn’t see anything.

Concerned, they began to assess the neighboring property, and the whimpering grew louder. That’s when they came across a little puppy. He had managed to get himself trapped in a collapsed septic drain and he was drowning.

The officers worked quickly to free the helpless pup.

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After following the sound of little whimpers, several officers found this sweet puppy trapped in a collapsed drain, soaking wet.

Quickly, they removed the little guy from the water.

Officer James Gettings was on the scene when they found the puppy.

Both Gettings and the dog would soon find out their meeting was much more than chance.

The officers got the puppy all cleaned up, after several baths, and began to search for his family.

Despite their efforts, no one came forward to claim him.

Instead of taking him to a shelter, Gettings took his new friend home.

Officer Gettings decided on the name Puddle quite appropriate if you ask us!

It didn’t take long for Puddle to get comfortable in his new forever home, and it certainly didn’t take him long to get into some more mischief.

It seemslike he’s already acquainted himself with Gettings’ home and shoes!

Puddle is one lucky pup and it’s good to know his new human will be there to get him out of any more future shenanigans.

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