One Puppy Helps Another Reach The Couch In This Adorable Display Of Friendship

Being tiny has its ups and its downs.

On the plus side, you can fit in places that others can’t. You can be lighter on your feet and sneak around the kitchen late at night and no one will ever notice that you’re going for that late night snack.

However, on the down side, you can’t reach those high places, and you might get lost in a crowd. That’s when it can get pretty frustrating to be tiny. That is also when you need the help of your bigger, taller, or older friends.

For example, one little pup was stuck in his playpen, too small to hop over the sides. That’s when his feline friend came to the rescue, setting him free to roam all about the house as he pleased. Or when this little pup wanted a snack, he looked to his slightly-larger, human friend for a helping hand.

When 1-month-old pup, Khao Neaw, couldn’t get up onto the bed, she needed some help from her 3-month-old friend, Moo Ping.

At first, this older pup doesn’t really know exactly how to get his teeny friend up onto the mattress. After a bit of fussing from above, he decides to take another approach to the dilemma.

He hops down to the ground to attempt the operation from a different angle. What unfurls next is almost too adorable to handle almost.

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