People May Hate Wearing Ugly Christmas Sweaters, But Dogs Hate It Even More

When the holiday season rolls around, so do holiday parties. And the worst holiday parties of all? Ugly Christmas sweater parties.

You might be thinking, “No way, office holiday parties are definitely worse,” or “You clearly haven’t been to one of my family holiday parties.” But hear me out.

Ugly sweater parties are usually just normal parties, but what makes them so terrible is the ugly sweaters. These sweaters are notorious for being itchy, scratchy and just generally horrible. Not only are they hideous, but they’re uncomfortable.

So ugly sweater parties end up being full ofpeople whose clothes are causing them massive amounts of discomfort. You’re usually warm, sweaty, and irritable. So how could anyone possibly hate ugly sweaters more than we do? Well, just ask these very unhappy dogs.

If you’ve ever had a dog, you might have wanted to dress it up in little adorable dog clothes.

Some dogs live for wearing clothes, some merely put up with it, and others absolutely hate it.

But it seems as though ugly Christmas sweaters are just universally disliked by humans and dogs alike.

I can’t imagine how warm these dogs must get in sweaters. They already have full coats of fur, the last thing they need is scratchy sweaters on top of that.

Just take a look at these grumpy faces. If you plan on putting your dog in a Christmas sweater this holiday season, be sure to reward them with lots of their favorite treats.

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