Photographer Tells Bride And Groom To Kiss Puppies Instead Of Each Other

When most people think of weddings, they think of all of the beautiful moments that take place.

The dresses, the decorations, the flowers, and the love that will illuminate the day.

But there’s a hot new trend out that I believe any animal lover will love to take part in one day.

Instead of spending a crazy amount of money on flowers and arrangement which you’ll throw away almost immediately after photos why not rescue some puppies and help find them all a home?

The photos have been turning out beautiful, adorable, and so unique.

Who wouldn’t want a little furry bundle of joy to hold on their special day? It seems to get the kids in a more relaxed and happy state while in their formal attire, too.

Although there are some risks with the loving, loyal pups, the chances of them going to the bathroom on you are much slimmer than you stepping on your dress anyway right?

Maybe, maybe not. Regardless of what you decide for your wedding, I think we can all appreciate the puppy addition that has been happening out there.

If it wasn’t my wedding, I might be inclined to take one home with me. It’s a great day followed by a great cause! And these photos are absolutely priceless.

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